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JBYou started an online business and now you’re spending way too much time trying to figure out WordPress, Facebook ads, landing pages, webinars … not to mention the dreadful: INTEGR*T#ON! (gasp)

It’s not really what you signed up for when you started a business, is it?

You’ve got a business to run. You don’t have the time and energy to look for individual experts, teach them about your business and manage them – just to get one project or piece of work done.

Hi! I’m Jana, I’m your one-stop shop. I’ll take the time to learn your business, help you manage it, and reach your goals. I’m a combination of an Online Business Manager, Systems expert, Project Manager, Website builder, Productivity ninja … and an expert latte maker! (just sayin’)

I work with entrepreneurs: coaches, freelancers, consultants, designers and mentors. See what we can get done together >

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